24 May 2024
Choosing The Perfect Color for Curtains

We give a lot of importance to the fabric of the curtains we buy. The same cannot be said for colors. Many people go for staple colors or random ones when buying their drapes. People who opt for custom drapes also make this mistake. Colors determine the tone and mood of a room and the people occupying it.

Each color has its own set of shades and tints. No matter how little they vary from each other, it can impact your decor to a great extent. If you are planning to remodel your house or simply wish to change the old drapes, this article will be of assistance. We will help you understand which color will suit your home the best and how to make the best use of them in increasing the functionality of the drapes.

How to Choose Colors for Your Curtains

  • Determine the Vibe You Are Looking For

Each area of our house is meant to do different activities. So naturally, they will have their distinct vibe. Bedrooms are meant for peace and calm; thus, we do not paint them with a warm hue. Similarly, a drab, lowly lit living area would kill the mood. Such considerations are also important when choosing your curtain and drapes.

Select dark and cool colors for your bedroom as it ensures privacy and keeps the room ideal for sleeping. There are several benefits of room-darkening curtains, and you can opt for those as well. For your kitchen, use dark but slightly warm colors, and the living room can be as vibrant or as neutral as you wish.

  • Consider Daylight

The color of drapes largely determines how much light your room receives during the day. Of course, the fabric used will also be a very important aspect, but one cannot sideline the color. Even if you pull them back, a certain amount of light will bounce back to your room through reflection. For instance, a blue or black curtain will absorb more light than a yellow one, which will reflect and make the room look warmer.

  • Consider Motifs and Patterns

Are you looking to create a certain kind of pattern and motif throughout the room? Choose the color and print of your fabric carefully, and then you can use the same fabric to make drapes, cushion covers, mats, etc., to create color symmetry. It works very well for large living areas as these elements bring about visual harmony to the space.

  • Color of the Walls

Before buying curtains and drapes online or from stores, pay attention to the color of your walls. Pick a shade that will compliment the walls and not look stark against it. Such a blunder can cost you more than you imagine.

You must always choose the color of your walls first. Curtains are easier to replace, and thus, consider them only after you have locked the shades you want on your wall.

How Many Windows You Have

You would be surprised to know that the number of windows you have in your room will directly influence your color choice. Warm-colored curtains will appear closely placed to each other as opposed to cool or neutral colors. So, if your room has too many windows, it is best to refrain from picking warm colors as it will make your room look smaller.

Tips to Maintain Your Drapes

Once you have understood how important it is to understand the color schemes, you can now make better choices. To help you further, we have listed the best window treatment maintenance tips that will ensure you do not need to change them frequently.

  • Dust your curtains regularly as it prevents dust build-up.
  • Wash your curtains carefully. Do not machine wash delicate fabric like silk, velvet, etc. You can wash cotton, linen, and synthetic materials in the machine.
  • Do not wash curtains very frequently.
  • In case of stains, spot treat them immediately.

Key Takeaway

Decking up a home takes a lot of money, time, and effort. Every homeowner wishes to have everything perfect and thus try to make the least compromise possible. And yet, many people underestimate the importance of window styles for house. Resultantly, they fail to achieve the best interior. Although drapes and curtains are basic items, they can create a huge impact on the appearance and design of your house. So next time you buy curtains, do not choose random colors and keep in mind the above-mentioned aspects.

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