12 June 2024

Rating: 4/5

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Netflix’s latest limited web series, “Griselda: Unveiling the Fearless Godmother’s Empire,” provides a captivating glimpse into the life of the notorious “Godmother of Cocaine,” Griselda Blanco. Under the direction of Andrés Baiz, Sofia Vergara delivers a powerful performance as the bold and ruthless drug lord, supported by a talented cast that includes Alberto Guerra as her second husband, Darío Sepúlveda, and Martín Rodríguez as Rivi.

The series commences with Blanco’s relocation to Miami following the elimination of her first husband, Alberto Bravo. With a strategic and cunning approach to drug smuggling, Blanco navigates the underworld with the help of a network of girls and established connections. The collaboration with the Ochoa brothers, renowned Colombian drug traffickers, adds complexity to the narrative.

Sofia Vergara’s exceptional acting stands out, breathing authenticity and intensity into the character of Griselda Blanco. The supporting cast, particularly Martín Rodríguez as Rivi, contributes compelling performances, enhancing the overall immersive experience.

The series unfolds a gripping tale of power, crime, and the audacity of Griselda Blanco, maintaining audience engagement throughout its six one-hour episodes. Director Andrés Baiz adeptly captures the essence of the era, creating an atmospheric backdrop that adds to the authenticity of the storytelling.

For Indian audiences, it’s crucial to note that the series contains explicit content, including nude scenes, making it unsuitable for family viewing. Therefore, caution is advised, and it’s recommended for mature audiences.

One minor drawback lies in the portrayal of Griselda and her team’s casual approach to their drug business in Miami. The lack of fear towards law enforcement, including the police and DEA, may appear unrealistic to some viewers.

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In conclusion, “Griselda” is a must-watch for crime genre enthusiasts, especially those who enjoyed “Narcos.” The superb acting, engaging storyline, and atmospheric direction make it a compelling weekend binge. Despite the minor flaw in the portrayal of law enforcement dynamics, the series deserves a solid four out of five stars.

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