14 July 2024
Advantages and Disadvantages of Jalousie Windows Explained

Jalousie windows are the kind of windows that have horizontal slats of glass, wood, or any other material that opens and closes together to control airflow. 

If you are wondering what Jalousie windows are and how they became so popular, let us tell you they are not new in interior decoration. They were widely used in private and commercial places during the 20th century. 

Jalousie windows have emerged again in style, this time in different styles and offering great comfort. In this article, we shall discuss the pros and cons of Jalousie windows to help you pick your window treatments wisely. 

Pros and Cons of Jalousie Windows



When shopping for window treatments, ventilation is one of the major qualities to look for in window screens. Luckily, these windows offer ample airflow, which helps you minimize the use of your air conditioner.

Since the slat angles can be adjusted, you can enjoy airflow even during rain without having to close your windows completely. You can totally control the amount of air you want to allow in your space. 

Energy Efficient 

Cooling systems like air conditioners are harmful to the environment and also strain the budget. With the right Jalousie windows, you can enjoy a cool natural breeze without having to pay a hefty electricity bill. 

They provide amazing cross ventilation and allow natural light into the house, making your home less susceptible to mold and germs. 


Jalousie windows are extremely affordable and do not require too many expenses. They are less costly than other window types and can be installed very easily. They can be maintained with ease and works great for homes that have kids and pets. 

Vintage Appeal 

Jalousie windows have a touch of royalty and vintage appeal. If you pick the right color and style, they could make your home look elegant and aristocratic. Many people today prefer these windows simply because of their aesthetic appeal.


These windows come in different styles and colors, making them a great part of interior decoration. You can sync them with particular themes and colors of your choice. Choosing the right window treatment can totally upgrade your home. If you do not find the right style, you can also customize it and have it in any pattern and color you want. They are made of different materials, which makes them easy to customize.   


Security Concerns 

Jalousie windows have limited locking mechanisms and thus may not be the safest in terms of security. The slats can be easily broken if they are not made of very sturdy material. This is a major concern today, and engineers are constantly trying to find a way to make them secure and safe for users.

Air Leakage and Insulation 

Since the slats are moveable, they do not allow tight sealing of the window. This results in airflow, making the room warm in summer and cooler in winter. It is not a great window option for rooms that have air conditioners as they do not allow the air to stay confined to the room. 

Weather Resistance 

While Jalousie windows are great for cool light breezes, they can prove less effective in case of strong winds and torrential rain. It allows water intrusion and thus not a great option for people who live in areas that get torrential rainfall around the year.

Who Should Get Jalousie Windows 

Like all good things in the world, Jalousie windows have pros and cons. The answer is not as easy as deciding whether it’s a good window option or not. The answer lies in addressing the question of who will benefit the most from these windows. 

  • People who live in warm and humid climates can do great with Jalousie windows as it allows free airflow and ventilation. 
  • If you are looking for an energy-efficient, eco-friendly solution, this could be a great option for you. 
  • If your aesthetic taste is that of the 20th century, and you want your architecture to be close to that era
  • If you have enough outdoor space, these windows will promote great ventilation.
  • If you live near large water bodies, you can benefit from the window’s ventilation and airflow.


Jalousie can be great for a lot of people who live near water bodies and have a moderately warm climate. It adds value to your aesthetics and can also be a great addition to your energy-efficient endeavor.

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