24 May 2024
Exploring the Types of Shoji Doors and Their Utility

Shoji doors are no new element to interior decoration. However, recent trends have proved how the same old shoji doors can be used innovatively, increasing their aesthetic appeal and utility. They come with ample designs to choose from. Whether you want a folding or a sliding door, your interior expert will find a way to incorporate those in your home. 

If you still have no idea about the variety of styles you can pick from the Shoji doors range, this article is just for you. 

What Are Shoji Doors? 

Shoji Doors

Shoji doors are doors that operate by the gliding mechanism. These doors are divided into multiple segments and slide to open and close. 

They have risen in popularity, and a lot of people today prefer them instead of regular doors. They allow you to optimize space around the house, and you can choose from different looks and textures. In some cases, these doors need not look like doors at all and become an intrinsic part of the interior. 

If you, too, are looking for something that will make the best use of space and maximize natural light, shoji doors may be the best choice.

Types of Shoji Doors

Shoji Doors come in a lot of variety. Here are some of the popular types

  • Bypass Doors 
Bypass Doors
Image Credit: shojihawaii.com

Bypass doors are mainly used as a divider between rooms. They are also called sliding shoji doors. These doors are made of multiple panels that are placed on tracks. They slide past each other to make space. These are great for saving space as you need not leave a lot of room for the door to open. It can simply glide and let you in. 

Shoji sliding doors are also used in wardrobes and closets as they can be organized better and allow maximum space utilization.

  • Sliding Bi-fold Doors 
Sliding Bi-fold Doors
Image Credit: StockImage

Bi-fold doors act like your regular doors in terms of opening and closing but are divided into separate panels. They can be customized according to your needs. You can use these doors for a huge closet or otherwise. They offer good ventilation and thus make an excellent choice for people. 

  • Traditional Shoji Doors 
Traditional Shoji Doors
Image Credit: shojihawaii.com

The original shoji doors have come out of Japan, and even to this day, they are extremely popular. Some people use these traditional doors only as a part of aesthetics. If you are planning something similar, this could be a good choice. 

Traditional shoji doors are used in commercial spaces as well. It has a minimalist touch that never lets your interior go over the top. It also helps balance out other elements in the house.

  • Pocket doors
Pocket doors
Image Credit: StockImage

Pocket doors are probably the most efficient of all choices when it comes to space management. They can be extremely sleek and stylish. They come as a single piece of door which slides into a concealed area when opened. In most cases, a compartment is drilled into the walls for the doors to slide in. It allows you to utilize all the space. 

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Such shoji doors are visually appealing. They add a touch of sophistication to the entire setting. You need not have too many tracks for this door; just one sleek track will do the job.

Benefits of Having Shoji Doors 

Now that you know what shoji doors are let us see what advantages they come with: 

  • You can get the best of natural light with shoji doors. 
  • These doors allow you to utilize space in the best way possible. 
  • You can reduce noise with shoji doors. 
  • Such doors can be customized and also have several style options to choose from. 
  • They maintain a great aesthetic flow of the space from an interior design point of view. 

Final Words 

Shoji doors are becoming popular day by day not only because of how they look but also because of the utility they serve. So, if you are planning your interiors, take into account these doors. They will radically change the look of your home, add a touch of sophistication and improve space management. 

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